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Alright, everyone! I know you're hording your Skyrim screenshots somewhere on that hard drive. Cough 'em up!

For those who don't know, It's possible to get much better camera angles by opening up console, and typing "TFC 1" which stands for "Toggle free camera". It freezes everything and allows you to fly freely from your character (Your character will be invisible unless you go into 3rd person, first). You can also remove the heads-up display through the use of "TM" ("Toggle menus").

Given that info, and your Skyrim escapades, throw out those awesome screenshots! I'll start us off with some shots of my 4 characters.

First up, my most recently created Orcish Barbarian, Harbgob gro-Barshog. He stands ready to annihilate the undead horde that approaches from the front. He carries a hand-forged Legendary ebony battleaxe, as well as an equally personal ebony greatsword. He has worn the same outfit since he took it from fallen enemies at the very start of his journey. Armor is of little priority when you've got Orc flesh.
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Next, my Argonian Berserker, Scales-of-Stone (For those who don't know, it's common for Argonians to assume Native American-style names to spare outlanders the trouble of pronouncing their proper Black Marsh names). He carries an ebony sword in one hand, and a war axe in the off-hand. He wears a full suit of Ebony Armor, soon to be Daedric.
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My favored play style in the Elder Scrolls series has been a stealth role. This is the answer to that craving. He goes by S'kaarja, and yes - he is wearing Jesters' clothing. It's much easier to slit a target's throat if they don't take you seriously. His daggers are both enchanted. The one on the left, Heartseeker, Absorbs life energy and the one on the right, Harlequin, paralyzes. Both are fed only the finest Black Souls.
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Last, but certainly not least, my first Skyrim character, Skadi. The Nord Conjurer. She focuses primarily on Necromancy and favors using the power of her fallen attackers to gain the upper hand. She flings powerful frost spells and calls swords from Oblivion if the need arises. Her only physical weapon is a personally enchanted sword by the name of Hunger that tears magical energy from foes.
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