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United States Cyrusc
PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:56 pm 
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I am sorry you felt I was problematic... but there is no evidence to support anything besides the link of one screen shot. And I have already said the third death, Cyrusc's death was not intended. It was during a role play situation. And after the amount of time I've spent on the server and with the community I don't know why you think I would randomly attempt a "Grief Mission". I have tried to explain this many times kindly. But when I join the DarkRP server and over hear Cyrusc on voice chat speaking about this thread it only makes me think there is a personal stake in this. I think you're after the wrong man. If "Deano" said he was a level 4 or rdm'ed as gun dealer you can contact him about that. But I did none of those things. This guilt by association is wrong.

Calling a RDM a role play situation does not allow you to bypass the rules? Thats the same as creating a DJ job and going around spamming you mic endlessly, stating its not breaking rules because its RP.

As I've stated, the previous info post is just a recall of the events that happened, with no proof or evidence. The only thing I am proving you did is kill 2 citizens and a police officer for being in a open room.

As for the voicechat buisness, another admin came on and started talking to me about you over SAC. Since he was based with me I figured it would be easier just to talk about it over mic than chat. I didn't start the conversation and I was only putting my position on it.

Finally, this is how I perceive the situation. 'terrorist' and work with him, do some of the same stuff as him, and go about attempting to kill civilians. Yet your partner is the one who was successful most times and when he gets caught. But the second the government your attempting to destroy captures this man, You immediately go to defend him, but once anyone states you're involved with him and working alongside him you immediately back off and act like you barely know him.

Sorry but I once again honestly don't know what you're talking about. I was never a CP that day. And let's take a step back with that terrorist analogy, I personally see a big difference between a terrorist and someone being accused of Rdm in Garry's Mod. And if you're trying this hard to get me banned for what would prob be 1-2 days for rdm on what I have already said was a RP situation a rdm if it happened was not intended I do think you have a personal dog in this fight. Any other situation you would of tossed a kick out let a 4 know maybe if you thought it was worth it and make sure it didnt happen again. But myself personally havent done anything wrong since this happened if I even did anything wrong then... I was on the server last night and had a normal enjoyable experience. I'm guessing the reason for that is you were not online for most of it.

Deano was purposefully causing havoc and griefing the server, therefore its somewhat similar to a act of 'terrorism'. But use the term lightly.

A didn't say you were a cp? I said you killed a CP.

I have no personal 'dog' in this fight. I'm just bothered that people can get away with things such as this without any repercussions. However, if you feel that is the case I'll back off and stop updating this post.

I'm glad you enjoyed your experience on the server.

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United States Ultra Lulz
PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:12 am 
Ultra Lulz
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oh my fucking god this is like watching a soap opera.

this could've been resolved in game.


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