Hacking will no longer be allowed on SSMC. We have concluded that, in reflection of our original purpose of providing a vanilla Minecraft server, that hacking undermines this value.

In short, hacking will not be tolerated. If discovered, your first offense may result in a ban, depending on the circumstances/severity.

To clarify, we define hacking as any addition, plugin, custom client, extension, or other modification that affects or disrupts the gameplay of Minecraft or our Minecraft server in a way that was originally unintended by Mojang. This excludes MCPatcher, a tool used to enable HD texture packs. This does NOT exclude X-ray texture packs, which we DO consider a form of hacking. You are, however, allowed to use Rei's Minimap, which we believe is more of a missing feature of Minecraft than a malicious hack. Other forms of hacking, we have discovered, ruin the gameplay for others, as many strategies of an anarchy server are negated by various hacks.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me or Cherry.
If you have any complaints about this, keep them to yourself.
If you want to make a ban appeal, do so in the BANS section of the forum. You should be aware that when we ban someone for hacking, we have accumulated a sufficient amount of evidence that says you were hacking. Be prepared to bring evidence that suggests you were not hacking, if you wish to appeal.

Topic locked.

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